MVUAS Aboriginal Community Members

MVUAS Steering Committee Composition and Governance

The Metro Vancouver Urban Aboriginal Strategy Steering Committee is a volunteer committee comprised of 17 members, with the majority of those (13 of the 17) representatives from the urban Aboriginal community of the Metro Vancouver region. There are two co-chairs; one Co-chair from the Office of the Federal Interlocutor for Métis and Non-Status Indians, and one Co-chair from amongst the urban Aboriginal representatives.

It serves as an advisory committee to oversee and guide the work of the UAS activities in the Metro Vancouver area. Along with the 13 representatives from the Urban Aboriginal community, there are four representatives from the three levels of government: Federal, Provincial and Municipal.

Within that group, one representative is from the Office of the Federal Interlocutor for Métis and Non-Status Indians and one representative will be from the Provincial Government of British Columbia.

Aboriginal Community Representatives

The 13 urban Aboriginal community seats of the MVUAS Steering Committee will be comprised of 3 Youth, 2 Elders,1 Life Skills Advocate,1 Job Skills/Entrepreneurship Advocate,1 Women/Children/Family Advocate,1 Representative of the United Native Nations,1 Representative of the Métis Nation BC, and 3 Members at large.

Here are the selected representatives for each of the 17 seats. Please note there is a call for applicants for the vacant Job Skills Advocate seat – apply by April 4th, 2009 if you are interested in representing the Metro Vancouver Urban Aboriginal community as a member of MVUAS.

Watch for updated biographies and comments soon!

MVUAS Steering Committee Representatives

MVUAS Aboriginal Community Members
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Phil L'Hirondelle, Elder

Ken Fisher, Elder
Cori Klesinger, Life Skills Advcoate
Winston Thompson, Job Skills Advocate
Jacquie Adams, Women, Children, and Families Advocate
John Webster, Member At Large
Jennifer Mervyn, Member At Large
Artemis Fire, Member at Large
Melissa Frost, Youth
Christina Gray, Youth
Melinda Bige,Youth
Henry Hall, MNBC Representative

MVUAS Federal Government Representatives

Wanda Stachura, BC Office of the Federal Interlocutor for Métis and Non-Status Indians

MVUAS Provincial Government Representative

Ken Armour, Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation

MVUAS Municipal Representatives

Aileen Murphy,  City of Surrey

Mary Clare Zak, City of Vancouver

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