Initiatives and Projects for 2010- 2011 fiscal year

2010- 2011 MVUAS Project Summaries: 

GOAL: To improve access to transitional learning supports for Metro Vancouver urban Aboriginal people that will enhance their ability to achieve their future with skill, confidence and dignity.

Objective: Life Skills- Promote activities that enhance adaptive and positive behaviour which enable individuals to effectively deal with the demands and challenges of everyday life.


  • WISH- Peer Assistant Support & Training ($12,213): An in-studio program for Aboriginal women involved in the survival sex trade. This program enhances knowledge and skills about everyday life including nutrition, self-care, goal-setting, housing, health, communication and traditional knowledge. 


  • Richmond Youth Services Agency – RALLY ($66,014): Promotes youth leadership skill development through a series of workshops, community development activities, involvement in traditional carving workshops, outdoor activities, leadership workshops, individual empowerment and the learning of traditional practices and skills. 


  • Helping Spirit Lodge Society – Soaring Spirits Healing Program ($30,152): provides life skill training and cultural supports to Aboriginal women that suffer from physical and psychological abuse. The primary focus of this project is to develop a foundation of self-esteem and confidence in order to prepare participants for entry into educational programs, employment programs or the workforce.



Objective: Staying in School - Promote culturally inclusive learning environments that may include tutoring support, outreach services, and after school programs.


  • Urban Native Youth Association- Music, Arts & Culture Program ($77,779): Provides a culturally inclusive learning for Aboriginal youth to access after-school learning opportunities to increase self-esteem, self-efficacy and self-awareness.  Participants receive letters that demonstrate that they have achieved Vancouver School Board requirements for extra-credits.


  • SD 40 – Aboriginal Retention Project ($17,350): will provide after-school programming designed to address the social, emotional, physical and cultural needs of Aboriginal students. Programming will also focus on preparing students for post-secondary education. SD 40 will host an Aboriginal Child & Family Literacy Feast that will outreach to parents and promote literacy within the family environment.


  • Native Education College- Mathematics Program for Aboriginal Learners ($34,000): Is an afterschool project that provides Aboriginal high school students in East Vancouver with foundational mathematics skills. 


Objective: Developing Experiential Based Work Skills - Provide certified employment training and job placements to Metro Vancouver urban Aboriginal people.


  • MNBC - Skills Enhancement for Aboriginal Learners (SEAL) Program ($140,747): an employment project that provides job training and supports to unemployed or underemployed urban Aboriginal people in Surrey. This project develops high-quality employability skills so that participants are able to sustain long-term attachment to the labour force in trades, constructions, hospitality and industrial warehousing industries.


  • ACCESS- Essential Skills for Aboriginal Futures Program (ESAF) ($135,386): an employment program that provides participants with customized training that supports employment success and retention. Participants are provided with basic training that leads to employment opportunities in the Welding trades and with the Toronto Dominion Bank.


  • ACCESS- Bladerunners Program ($177,359) provides certified health and safety training to at risk Aboriginal youth and job placements in the construction industry within Vancouver.  Students also learn life skills by participating in family, health and cultural workshops.


Objective: Traditional Transfer of Knowledge - Provide opportunities for the Aboriginal knowledge keepers to share their wisdom and traditional knowledge with the community.


  • Vancouver Native Health Society- IUALLP ($87,000): this project provides a positive culturally inclusive learning environment where Aboriginal students can learn sustainable growing practices, develop environmental responsibility, and cultivate a preference for fresh, locally grown produce and access traditional knowledge from local Elders.


  • SD 37 – Tree of Life - Urban Aboriginal Youth Project ($72,000): will provide educational and cultural supports to Aboriginal students in Surrey through experiential based learning opportunities involving local Elders. Students will participate in activities such as the construction of a totem pole, wood paddles and various other cultural activities.