About the MVUAS Strategic Plan

The purpose of the Metro Vancouver Urban Aboriginal Strategy (MVUAS) Steering Committee's Strategic Plan is to give direction and guidance to MVUAS activities from April 2010 to March 2012.

As part of our strategic planning process, we focused and planned on three strategic goals for the MVUAS:

  1. Organizational;
  2. Operational;
  3. Programming.

Organizational goals are high level targets, which set the overaching framework for MVUAS operations, including our Mission and Guiding Principles.

MVUAS Mission:

The MVUAS Steering Committee is dedicated to improving the lives of Urban Aboriginal people by supporting culturally based learning initiatives that are responsive to the health & wellness and values of Aboriginal communities.

For strategic planning purposes, we have two operational areas: the Committee's Terms of Reference and the MVUAS Communication Plan.

Under Programming, we have two priority areas:

  1. Urban Aboriginal Learning;
  2. Urban Aboriginal Capacity Development.

Urban Aboriginal Learning:

Goal 1: To improve access to learning supports for Metro Vancouver Urban Aboriginal people that will enhance their ability to successfully move through life transitions with skill, confidence and dignity.

The MVUAS will achieve this goal by focusing on the following objectives:

  1. Enhancing Life Skills;
  2. Staying in School;
  3. Pursuing Higher Education;
  4. Developing Experiential Based Work Skills;
  5. Transfering Traditional Knowledge.

Urban Aboriginal Capacity Development:

Goal 1: Increase the capacity of non-profit Urban Aboriginal organizations to deliver their services to the Metro Vancouver Urban Aboriginal communities.

Goal 2: Increase the capacity of the MVUAS Steering Commitee to achieve the objectives of the 2010-2012 MVUAS Strategic Plan.