Key Messages of the Urban Aboriginal Strategy

The Urban Aboriginal Strategy, (UAS) provides long term investments to support urban Aboriginal communities by promoting self-reliance and increasing life choices for Aboriginal people living in urban centres.  Investments will be made with the aim of promoting increased urban Aboriginal participation in the economy and must address one of the three following three priority areas:

  1. Improving life skills;
  2. Promoting job training, skills and entrepreneurship; and,
  3. Supporting Aboriginal women, children and families.

By 2012, the UAS hopes to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Increased and strengthened partnerships to address urban Aboriginal issues;
  • Enhanced leveraging of investments from partners;
  • Increased intergovernmental collaboration in urban areas;
  • Specific socio-economic performance indicators and measurements developed in collaboration with provinces, municipalities and
  • Aboriginal organizations to track progress on strategic investments;
  • Improved outcomes in the areas of education; employment and business development for urban Aboriginal people; and a reduction of
  • Aboriginal women, children and families living in poverty and targets of these circumstances;
  • Strategic management of urban Aboriginal issues locally;
  • Increased federal responsiveness to community needs;
  • Increased local research and interest in urban Aboriginal work;
  • Increased publicly available statistics and research on urban Aboriginal issues;

For more information, visit the website of the Office of the Federal Interlocutor for M├ętis and Non-Status Indian at: